Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Take me away

1. Kefalonia, Greece; Berlin, Germany / 2. Mellieha, Malta / 3. Cirkewwa, Malta / 4. London from the London Eye; Bempton cliffs, East Yorkshire; Yorkshire Dales / 5 & 6. New York City / 7. Rome, Italy

I am suffering from serious wanderlust at the moment; that is to say, even more so than normal. I'm attributing this to the deadly combination of having no money, feeling generally rather jaded, and - crucially - the temperature suddenly dropping to a level that can only mean autumn is here... Hence the compulsion to gather together some of my favourite photos of places I've been. It might, of course, make more sense to compile a list of all the places I'd like to go, but that would truly be a mammoth task so you'll have to watch this space! In the meantime I'll just be wishing I was on a sunny beach somewhere, while wrapping myself in fleecy blankets (seriously, it's THAT cold right now. Whatever happened to summer?!)


  1. I know what you mean, I've been wearing my duvet for most of the day and wishing I was back in Spain :(
    Loving your pictures, especially the ones from Greece and Malta, gorgeous!


  2. beautiful photos!

  3. Ohh so many beautiful places! Especially the picture of Rome and the larger picture of the beautiful sea xx
    Sirens and Bells

  4. Are these all pictures you took yourself? They're beautiful! I went to Rome recently, it's such a gorgeous city - even the most amazing pictures don't do it justice.

    I'd love to read a post of places you want to go, as I'm writing a similar post at the moment.