Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Filip Dujardin: impossible architecture

Ever since I first got hooked on the internet, one of my favourite things about it has been how easy it is to find really interesting stuff completely by accident. This happened to me a few days ago, when I was googling variations on a name for something at work and ended up stumbling upon the website of Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin. A photographer of architecture, he's best known for the 'Fictions' series of manipulated images depicting imagined buildings - some obviously fantastical, others you have to look hard at to figure out whether or not they're real. I love photographs of buildings anyway - particularly those which are generally considered ugly - so I am naturally fascinated by these, which combine that brutality with fantasy. There's something incredibly mind-boggling about looking at architecture that is so everyday, almost mundane, arranged in impossible ways.

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  1. A great find; I agree with what you stated in the intro. He's managed to turn what would be considered ugly or bland into a truly imaginative collection. I presume he took a few photos of a building, from different angles and somehow managed to manipulate them; it still looks amazing though.