Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The fun never ends (part 2)

A continuation of this post. I was inspired to do another one of these when I saw the title card for the most recent Adventure Time episode 'Little Dude' and remembered how much I adore these. I love the way some depict a scene from the episode, some take a less literal approach and are more artistic, and others are actually spoilers when you think about it/look hard enough.

btw Adventure Time is still the only show I watch with any regularity. (And HOW GOOD was the season five finale - I seriously think that was one of the best finales/cliffhangers I have EVER SEEN on TV. Yes, I continue to be aware that it is a cartoon.) I did actually clear some space in my schedule to watch the start of the new Stephen Poliakoff drama, Dancing on the Edge, last week (and liked it - although I found it a bit slow-paced and not as instantly captivating as some past Poliakoff stuff I've loved). However, I missed the latest episode because evidently I can't even commit to watching an hour of TV per week. I also have a proper guilty-pleasure thing about Death in Paradise which just makes me feel better about life every time I watch it. What can I say, I may have good taste in some things (er... I'm sure there are some things?) but TV is not one of them.


  1. love this post! the adventure time crew is doing some awesome things for cartoons and "kids" media in general. do you read any of the comics?

    1. Yes, I started reading the original comics a while back and I've read a couple of the Marceline & the Scream Queens ones too. Need to get hold of the most recent ones, I'd kind of forgotten about them tbh - mainly bc it's a bit annoying having to read them on the laptop, but I do really like them!

  2. I started watching Adventure Time after your previous post about it,and I was surprised how much I really enjoyed it. In the same vein I've also started watching The Regular Show on Cartoon Network, which honestly might be my new favourite TV show! Although, I suppose I watch a lot of television, most of my tv watching is done in a big chunk (I watched series 1-3 of Mad Men in a couple of weeks). I have no patience for watching an episode a week!