Saturday, 18 May 2013

Notes on Lana

I finally went to see Lana Del Rey this week and she was AMAZING!

– Her voice sounded fantastic. I was actually slightly concerned that she wouldn't be that amazing a singer, as I've seen videos of some dodgy performances from her in the past, but she's either improved or those performances were due to nerves - she sang brilliantly.
– She opened with Cola and the last song was National Anthem: altogether she sang about 7 songs from Born To Die and 5 songs from the Paradise Edition, plus Young & Beautiful, Burning Desire and a partial cover of Knockin' on Heaven's Door (I suspect the Guns N' Roses version rather than Bob Dylan's - she sang the 'hey hey hey' bit that Axl Rose sings!)
– She sang the original chorus of Born To Die, ie the line 'let me fuck you hard in the pouring rain' rather than 'kiss'
– The whole monologue intro to Ride was played before she came on and started the song proper - I was so happy about this, although I wish the set had opened with this rather than it happening halfway through
– Her band were really good, she had a string quartet on stage... I didn't realise they were really there until about halfway through, I thought the music was partly recorded/the video recordings of the violinists had been done somewhere previously (lol)
– The set was really nice, featuring Art Deco-style lighting, lion statues, palm trees, a screen thing at the back which images (including her music videos, for the songs that have them) were projected on to: there were also two big screens either side of the stage which showed close-ups throughout the show (happily the video quality was amazing)
– Her belt said 'live fast, die young' on it :,)
– She was very appreciative of her fans and kept ~thanking everyone and spent ages at the end signing things and taking photos with the people at the front of the crowd. I've never seen anyone do that at a show before and it was nice to see! You can tell she really, genuinely loves interacting with her fans.

My camera is absolutely RUBBISH (seeing people in front of me taking better photos with their phones than I could get with my camera really made me realise I need to get a new one...) but here's the best of the lot anyway!


  1. I'm pretty sure I can see my head in some of your photos... She was so perfect! I wish it had still been in the O2 Academy though, I much prefer it to the SECC x

  2. I'm going to see her in Manchester on Friday - even more excited now thanks!
    The Life of Emily-Alice

  3. Glad you had a great time. I wanted to get tickets for London, but they sold out super quick!