Thursday, 3 September 2015

Reading in September: The sampling plan

So, this is the reading plan for September...

This year I've amassed a sizeable list of recent books I'm interested in - they just keep piling up, but I'm never going to have the time to actually read every one of them, which usually means that lots of them fall by the wayside and get relegated to the 'probably not' category. Having completed my '2015 reading challenge' of 75 books (courtesy of Goodreads) in July, I thought I'd use September to work though some of these unread 'maybe' books.

My idea is to read a sample of each one: the first couple of chapters, the first 5-10%, depending on the structure of the book. I'm not going to be writing proper reviews of books I haven't finished reading, but I'll be posting my thoughts on all the samples here as I work my way through them, and hopefully I'll find a) some I can cross off the list altogether and b) some I definitely want to carry on with.

Watch this space for the first batch!

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